Wordpress Boat Listing Web Design project for Premier Yachting

Premier Yachting

WordPress CMS Boat Listing Website

The Challenge

Premier Yachting approached Hurley requiring a complete rethink of their current website in terms of Branding, Layout, design and functionality. They felt that their site was dated and was not complimenting the brand as well as it could do and required more attention to detail. They wanted a new fresh approach and also required improvements to their boat listing layout and boat search facility which would filter and refine better results.

The Solution

Firstly we had to rethink and change the way the brand was being used online. The brand was being used reversed out with the white version and text on a black background. With the site being quite content heavy this was making viewing the content quite hard work to read and browse through.

We reverted back to using the brand in its’s original form of black on white / light backgrounds and completely restructured and improved the page layouts and typography. This resulted in a much improved, clean, easy-to-use and more contemporary feel to the website. We made use of larger imagery and created a more user friendly image gallery which improved the way the boats and there features are displayed.

As well as improving the design / layouts of the site we also improved the backend CMS, making it easier for users to add boat listings, content, images and features.

Another aspect which we were required to improve was the boat listing search facility. We created a bespoke search system which allows users to search for specific criteria based on custom fields set in the backend for the boats. This allowed users browsing the boat listings to search and affectively filter boats based on criteria such as price, brand, year, location and so on.

Premier Yachting have partnered with us making use of our Hurley Connect service and retain the hours of one of our experienced designers on a monthly basis for website and hosting maintenance.

We Rethought Everything

Complete Corporate Identity

Wordpress Content Management

Wordpress Blog

Search Engine Friendly

SEO Optimised For Keywords

Excellent Google Rankings


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

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